Biopulsar Reflexograph

Innovative German Biofeedback Device (BPR) + 8 Software Programs

No Medicines, No Electromagnetic Radiations, No Questionnaires - One Minute Feedback.

BPR is a CE conforming sensitive biomedical measuring device - An Innovation by our German Principal - Ms Martina Gruber, Auramed Gmbh, Germany.

BPR Analysis is based on the Eastern & Western holistic healing and medical sciences developed with more than 20 years of Research & Consultation. This is helpful to guide individuals on to-do aspects of emotions, physical health, social wellbeing.

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Unique Colour Therapy

Holistic Health Management ..... guide on Customised therapies such as fitness programs, colour therapy, aroma therapy.

Biopulsar All Modules

Biopulsar Medical4P ..... Product Efficacy & Safety Testing for Medicines, Food & Nutrients at various stages of Pre-clinical, Product development phases.

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Model Wellness Centre with BPR, Yoga & other Therapies ... First Partner Wellness Centre at Mumbai.

WellnessVitality Index/Insta BodyCanvas for Therapy Progress Tracking,OEV (Organ Energy Vitality) Index, EHV (Emotional Health Vitality) Index. Case Presentation on request.

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