Well-being drives your Happiness & Success

Well-being as we all know & experience is key to our happiness & Success.

What is well-being?

Achieving well-being has been the concern of philosophers since Aristotle, and is, in many respects the essence of human existence. In recent years, well-being has moved from the realm of philosophy to that of science. There has been a growing body of research into what contributes to the quality of people’s experiences of their lives. This has enabled a new understanding of the factors that both influence and constitute well-being.

The science of ‘subjective well-being’ suggests that as well as experiencing good feelings, people need:

  • a sense of individual vitality
  • to undertake activities which are meaningful, engaging, and which make them feel competent and autonomous
  • a stock of inner resources to help them cope when things go wrong and be resilient to changes beyond their immediate control.

It is also crucial that people feel a sense of relatedness to other people, so that in addition to the personal, internally focused elements, people’s social experiences – the degree to which they have supportive relationships and a sense of connection with others – form a vital aspect of well-being.

Defining well-being is complex, but lets see what few interesting ones –

“We must turn to nature itself to the observations of the body in health & in disease to learn the truth”  ….. Hippocrates

“The Doctor of the future will give NO medicine but will interest his patient in the care of human frame, in diet & in the cause & prevention of disease”    …..   Thomas Edison 

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social Wellbeing & not merely absence of disease & infirmity”   …..  World Health Organization

“Health is not only to be well but to use well every power we have”    …   Florence Nightingale

While academic debate continues about precisely how ‘well-being’ should be defined, for our purposes it is not essential to address all of its finer points. All of the elements cited above play a role in ensuring that people feel their lives are going well, although their importance may vary as circumstances change.

Well-being is most usefully thought of as the dynamic process that gives people a sense of how their lives are going, through the interaction between their circumstances, activities and psychological resources or ‘mental capital’. The 2008 UK Government Foresight Project drew on key thinking commissioned from nef to define well-being in similar terms.

Because of this dynamic nature, high levels of well-being mean that we are more able to respond to difficult circumstances, to innovate and constructively engage with other people and the world around us. As well as representing a highly effective way of bringing about good outcomes in many different areas our lives, there is also a strong case for regarding well-being as an ultimate goal of human endeavour.

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Stay Healthy, Be Happy



When you are happy and you know it…Laugh Out Loud!

Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho

Well, Christmas is not here yet, but we don’t need a reason to have a joyful laugh. And if you do need a reason, the it’s World Laughter Day, today!

So, when was the last time you laughed till your stomach hurt? Here are funny jokes and memes that will have you in stitches

  •   It’s the time of the year when the people of the country are out to exercise their democratic right. Well, for some it may be a chance to get something more than the index finger inked…

An aunty after voting was getting her finger inked. She asked how many days will it take for the ink color to fade out. The volunteer said 60 days. She then requested if she could have it applied on her hair as well. “ My hair dye lasts for 15 days only”, she exclaimed!


  • And here’s one for the struggles of waking up in the morning. (You are not alone, my friend!)








  • Goal setting – we all love to have them. Achieving goals – well, what’s that?







  • Guilty of this? 😉









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Rajma soup — a healthy dinner #HealthyHack

Do you find yourself at sea looking for healthy meal options? Follow the #HealthyHack series, where we curate quick, palatable, and nutritious recipes that you can rustle up in no time.

Rajma Soup

About the recipe


Calories – 100

Serves – 2

Prep time – 10 mins

Cooking time – 20 mins

What all will I need?



Rajma – 25 grams (soaked)

Carrot – peel and dice two carrots

Coriander leaves – small cup, finely chopped

Water – 400 ml

Salt, red chili, lime

How do I prepare it?



  1. Cook rajma and carrot in two cups of water, liquidise, and strain
  2. Boil the strained water with salt and chilli powder.
  3. Serve with lime and garnish with coriander leaves.

Simple, isn’t it? Go ahead and enjoy this tasty bowl of soup for your next dinner meal.

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Know your Sleep Profile #SleepSmart #AllSleepMatters



The #SleepSmart  #AllSleepMatters series will help you with all the tips and tricks that you will need to know ( and apply!) for a good night’s sleep. First, let us explore your sleep profile. Your sleep profile is connected to your sleeping routine and patterns, and has a great influence on your productivity, energy levels, and overall mood.

Are You an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird traits
  • Wakes up before the alarm goes off
  • More energetic and productive during the morning
  • Often up before daylight working on projects
  • Energetic and alert during evening hours
  • Typical bedtime around would be 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Night owl traits
  • Only wakes up in the morning if the alarm is going off
  • Ideal workday would begin at noon
  • It takes several cups of coffee to function in the morning
  • Most productive and alert in the afternoon and evening
  • Typical bedtime would be after the late night news

So, are you the early bird that catches the worm? or a night owl that befriends the dark?

How Internet Addiction is becoming a big Health hazard ?

Internet Addiction is fast becoming big contributory cause for health issues as well as social life of an individual. This is due to engaging nature of internet communication and instructive games makes it difficult to keep track of time when online.

Addiction for internet from device.
Engaging Nature of Internet.

To be able to guide Individuals to wean away from this Addiction, lets have a look at –

Withdrawal Symptoms:
  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Craving
  • Loss of frustration.
  • Disappointment followed by arguments.
  • Avoid socializing and prefer to be alone
Internet addiction Withdrawal.
Effects of Internet addiction :
  • Lack of interest in family matters and office duties.
  • For children’s it affects the academic performance.
  • Decrease in physical activity.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Sleep disturbances.
Internet addiction effects
Effects of using internet by device.

Some simple First stage steps to begin the process of DE-addiction are:

  • Prohibiting children from visiting cybercafe by implementing internet locking system.
  • Restricting them pocket money.
  • Disconnecting the access to internet.
  • Seeks help with counselors/psychiatrists.
  • Make to move them to some out door activities (swimming / dancing).
  • Take care of pets.
Solution of addiction.
Treatment of internet addict.

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Know how SMOKING hurts you

Smoking hurts you, your family & friends health and is the single biggest avoidable menace to good health.

How ?

First hand Smoke is a contributory factor for  –

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart attack
  3. Brain hemorrhage
  4. Ulcers
  5. Paralytic stroke
  6. Chronic bronchitis
 Smoking a bad thing for a person.
Harmful for health.

Second hand Smoke – refers to affects to Non smokers who are people around Smokers like wife, children, parents and colleagues. They are prone to –

  1. Lung Cancer.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Irritation of lungs /.Leads to coughing.
  4. Chest discomfort.

    Causes body part to become bad.
    Smoking affects  your near & dear ones.


Third Hand Smoke –

  1. Toxic residue from cigarette smoke clings to hair & carpets; endangering children.
  2. Opening a window or turn on a fan to clear the air of second-hand smoke and  does not help.
  3.  The invisible yet toxic brew of gases and particles clinging to smokers hair & clothing, that lingers long after smoke has cleared from a room.
  4.  The residue includes heavy metals, carcinogens and even radioactive materials that young children can get on their hands and ingest, especially if they are crawling or playing on the floor.
  5. -Everyone knows that second-hand smoke is bad, but they don’t know about this third-hand smoke.
  6. Third-hand smoke is what one smells when a smoker gets in an elevator after going outside for a cigarette. The stuff is so toxic that your brain is telling you ‘GET AWAY’.
  7. Among the substance in third-hand smoke are, Hydrogen cyanide used in chemical weapons, Butane – used in lighter fluid, Arsenic, lead, carbon monoxide & polonium-210 (Radio active carcinogen).
Short term effects of smoking:
  1.  Damage to Respiratory system.
  2. Decreased lung capacity.
  3. Chronic cough.
  4.  Bronchitis
  5. Asthma.
  6.  Bad Breath.
  7.  Bad tastes in mouth.
  8. Yellow/ Brown stains in teeth.
Steps to Quit Smoking:
  1. Behavioral treatments.
  2.  Self monitoring of our smoking behavior.
  3. Nicotine- replacement therapies.


  1.  Don’t smoke at home.
  2. Throw away any related things like lighter, ash tray etc and reminds you of it.
  3. Being around your child to divert your attention.
  4. Never smoke when children are around.
  5. Help people who are trying to quit smoking
Quit smoking.
Stay happy.

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CHEERS to your Good Health & Happy Family








Emotional Freedom Techniques Part 1


1> Avoid tapping directly after a heavy meal

2> Drink water, as this technique tends to increase thirst & dehydration hinders results

3> Avoid crossing your legs or ankles during practice



Here the focus is on the problem.

  1. The short cut method summary-
  • Test your Subjective Units of Disturbance(SUD) on a scale of 1 – 10 depending on its intensity
  • Set up your affirmation
  • Tap a sequence of 8 points while repeating the remainder phrase
  • Test your SUD again
  • If it’s not zero, then modify your set- up & reminder phrases suitably & repeat steps 2 to 4 until your SUD drops to zero or you are satisfied with your outcome.

. Detailed explanation:

  1. SUD refers to the value that you assign to your issue on a scale 1-10, this can be done by closing your eyes, deep breathing & focus on the problem, evaluate its intensity & how much you are affected by it 7 assign a number from 1-10
  2. Set up affirmation like “Even though I have this___________ (reminder phrase- your problem), I completely love, forgive & accept myself”
  3. Repeat the entire set-up affirmation 3TIMES, all the time tapping on your Karate Chop point (KC point)- on the mid metacarpal region on the ulnar side of the palm. You can do this with forefingers of other palm or gently but firmly hitting on the table top without hurting yourself. For remaining point you can use both hands
  4. TAPPING SEQUENCE: use your index and middle fingertips, tap gently but firmly 5-7 times on each of this points. Repeat the reminder phrase at each of these points, as you tap.


Emotional freedom .
  1. Eye Brow Point or EB : just below & inside the inner starting of the eyebrow
  2. SIDE of the EYE or SE: bony part of the eye socket on the outer edge of the eye.
  • UNDER the EYE or UE: on the bony edge of eye socket below the centre of the eye.
  1. UNDER the NOSE or UN point: between your nose & upper lip
  2. CHIN or CH point: below lower lip
  3. COLLAR BONE or CB point: just below the medial side of the clavicle near the supra sternal notch.
  • UNDER the ARM or UA point: mid axillary line, 3-4 inches below axilla at the level of the breast line
  • CROWN of the HEAD or CRH point     
  •  GV 20 point / apex of the skull. Tap gently in / TOP of the HEAD point   : circular motion-sometimes omitted in short cut  method.
  •  IT IS not used in full method.   .           
Emotions of face and body.
  1. Test SUD again: take deep breath, re-evaluate & analyze its present intensity, if no difference felt repeat 2-3 rounds.
  2. If SUD is less than before then modify your set-up affirmation &reminder phrase eg. “Even though I still have ___________/ remaining intense headache, I still love, accept & forgive myself.
  3. Repeat this cycle of testing àset-up à tapping àre-evaluating until SUD=0


  • To energize or decrease fatigue- Even though I am feeling quite tired right now I would rather feel energetic/ intend to feel energetic.
  • To improve breathing- Even though I’m not breathing fully, I would rather experience better oxygenation now.


Simple Tips to achieve your Dreams

Dream is visualisation of our desires/goals. So why do we fail to achieve it many a times ?

It’s the poison of Negativity.

  1. If someone put poison in your water, would you drink it? The obvious answer is ‘no’! Chemical poisons that we can see, taste, touch and smell can be fatal. Fortunately, we are intelligent enough to know that we do not ingest ourselves with poisonous substances.
  2. Similarly, we have to remove out negativity harmful to our MIND . Negativity is the poison that prevents us from achieving our dreams. Hence we need to stop it before it contaminates our lives.
Why positive thoughts are necessary to achieve your Dreams?

Negativity starts with negative thoughts. Every thought, goes out into the universe as energy and goes on forever. Hence be careful what you think about. Positive thoughts will spell success whereas negative thoughts will result in failures because –

  1. The universe does not distinguish between a thought that is positive and one that is negative.
  2. ‘A thought is like a seed that is planted in the ground’.
  3. The universe will provide the seed with the energy to manifest that thought into material form.
  4. Mother Nature, who is also natural energy, does not care if it is the seed of a weed or the seed of a flower. It will begin to grow.
  5. How well it will grow will depend on a number of other elements. Eg: how much additional energy the seed /thought is given.
  6. The primary laws that work with thought are the ‘Law and Attraction’ and the ‘Law of Gestation’.
  7. Law of Attraction: takes that thought, and starts to draw to you like energy to manifest that thought into Form.
  8. Law of Gestation: dictates that there is a period of time that must elapse before that thought will manifest in Form. The length of that time is dependent on the magnitude and intensity of the energy of the thought.
Simple steps to help you achieve your Dreams –
  • Monitor the thoughts that you allow into your mind. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, think again. Think positive, empowering and supportive thoughts. It is that simple!. Here’s an idea to help you accomplish this:Place an elastic band around your wrist. Every time you think a negative thought, snap the elastic. Within a short period of time you will likely stop thinking negative. Or you will have a very sore wrist.
  • Just as you monitor your thoughts, monitor the words that you speak. Listen carefully to every word that is coming from your mouth. When you hear yourself complaining, stop yourself immediately.
  • Create a vocabulary of a successful, positive, inspiring individual. Be passionate in your speech and express you enthusiasm with your words. The energy of the words that you speak is powerful force that is creative. Create positive affirmations to support your goals and read them aloud each and everyday.
  • “Be appreciative and show appreciation to others”.
  • Gratitude alone is one state of being that will attract to you more of things that you desire. Negativity is the anchor that holds you back. Cut yourself free today.
  • Eliminate the negativity that holds you back from realizing your dreams and be the most positive, optimistic person that you know.

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SerotoninFood is one of the essentials for every Human. The variety of food you consume is called as Diet. Diet determines how much energy, nutrition is provided to your body & has deep link to your MOODS.

Nutrient,Food sources , Neurotransmitter/mechanism ,Proposed effect
Protein –

Meat, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Fish, Beans Dopamine, Norepinephrine .Increased alertness, concentrationHealthy fruit
Carbohydrate (CHO) –

Grains, Fruits, Sugars Serotonin .

  • Increased calmness, relaxation
    Calories ,All Foods Reduced blood flow to the brain Excess calories in a meal is associated with decreased alertness and concentration after the meal
    Morning people need their protein-rich foods during the afternoon and evening, particularly if they need to be focused later in the day for a meeting or some other work requiring attention to detail. Instead of a lunch of pasta with marinara sauce, for example, morning people would be more alert in the afternoon if they added some grilled chicken, seafood, or other protein source to their pasta dish, thus increasing their levels of dopamine and norepinephrine.
    Many people who are “evening persons, or night owls,must nevertheless be at work at 9 a.m. For these people it is important not only to have breakfast, but to make sure that protein-rich food is part of the breakfast. Protein Veg and non veg foodprovides the brain with tyrosine, an amino acid that is a precursor of the chemicals that promote alertness. A mid-morning snack is another good time to include a protein-rich food, such as cheese or yogurt.
    Positive Moods and Stress Reduction
    Another group of chemicals that can influence mood and appetite are the endorphins. These are the body’s natural opiate-like chemicals that produce a positive mood state, decreased pain sensitivity, and reduced stress.

Endorphins are released when a person is in pain, during starvation, and during exercise—resulting in what is known as a runner’s high.Researchers are now looking at ways to utilize this response to alleviate chronic pain. Studies have shown that acupuncture may relieve pain by stimulating the release of endorphins.
A food substance related to endorphins is phenylethylamine, which is found in chocolate. Chocolate has always been a highly valued commodity in many cultures, and there is some evidence that chocolate may improve mood Dark chocolatetemporarily due to its high levels of sugar and fat, phenylethylamine, and caffeine. The sugar in chocolate is associated with a release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and the fat and phenylethylamine are associated with an endorphin release. This combination produces an effect that has been called “optimal brain happiness. The caffeine in chocolate adds a temporary stimulant effect.

evaluated for depression.

In people who are depressed, brain serotonin levels are significantly lowered, and treatment usually involves a medication that can elevate serotonin levels to the normal range. Although food can provide a temporary lift, it does not provide enough serotonin to alleviate depression or changes in neurotransmitters associated with eating disorders.

Research on the food-mood connection has been aimed at understanding the effects of eating particular foods during particular mood states, as well Different grains and vegetableas how foods can help to achieve a particular mood state.

Future research will focus on the application of this research, such as to what degree food choices can influence worker productivity or affect circadian rhythm in cases of jet lag or lack of sleep.

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Few Tips to overcome extreme Fatigue


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue. This fatigue is not the kind of tired feeling that goes away after you rest. Instead it lasts a long time and limits your ability to do ordinary daily life activities.


The hallmark symptom is- Overwhelming fatigue and weakness that makes it very difficult to perform daily activities like –

  • Getting out of bed.
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • The tiredness/fatigue does not go away after rest or doesn’t get better.
  • This affects work and leisure activities very severely and causes physical and emotional Healthy fruitssymptoms that lasts for months or years.

In order to be diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a person must have both the below symptoms –

Severe, chronic fatigue for atleast 6 months or longer, unalleviated by rest, with other known medical conditions been excluded by a doctor’s diagnosis.

Four or more of the following symptoms:- 

  • Forgetfulness/difficulty in concentration.
  • Sore throat.                           sour throat
  • Tender lymph nodes in the neck, or armpit.
  • Headaches of a new type, pattern or severity
  • Unrefreshing sleep and vague feelings of illness, or depression after exerting oneself lasting more than 24hr following exertion.
  • Tiredness that last for more than 24hr.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability.
  • Dizziness
  • Odd tingling sensations in skin.
  • Decrease in sex interest.
  • Digestive distress.Headache
Possible Causes: 

A combination of physiological and psychological conditions or factors can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). But No primary cause has been found that explains all cases of CFS, nor blood tests/ brain scans can definitely diagnose it. Some of the possible causes are  –

  • Iron deficiency anemia.
  • Mild, chronic low blood pressure.
  • Dysfunction in immune system.

    Blood glucose below normal levels. Can happen suddenly. Usually mild. Can be treated quickly and easily by eating or drinking a small amount of glucose-rich food: Sugary candy. Banana. Peanut butter. Crackers.
  • Depression/ anxiety disorder.
  • Prolonged exposure to stress/faulty lifestyle, lack of sleep, bad eating habits.
  • Low blood sugar.
  • Changes in the levels of hormone produced in hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands.
  • Emotionally disturbed childhood or sexual abuse.

Life style adaptations are key to effective management such as –

  • Getting more rest (mental relaxation)
  • Following regular, manageable daily routine.
  • Reducing physical and emotional stress.
  • Improve nutrition.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar and food additives.
  • Prefer organic food (very effective).   Healthy foods
  • Mild to moderate exercise regularly but only “with DOCTOR’S APPROVAL”(Gentle stretching and underwater exercise).
  • Cognitive behavior therapy — Your psychologist identifies your negative thoughts and behavior and helps in better thought process (to positive thoughts).
  • Get enough sleep, good sleeping habits such as early to bed and early to rise, maintain the same timings and day time napping also helps.

Ready to overcome your Fatigue problem?

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    Stay Healthy, Be Happy

CHEERS to your Good Sleep & Smile

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