The Tools for Supercharging Your Well-being 


Access tools, frameworks, resources, and guidance you need to live better. 

Challenge 2 Change

Set your Goals that you wish to acheive in a timebound & efficient manner.



Inner GPS

Navigate your emotions, feelings, and thoughts in three steps.

Express >> Choose >> Act

Design My Life

Start new habits or change old ones with a DIY (Do-it-yourself) framework. Get the right resources, smart prompts, and guidance for your goals.


The Nudge Board

Content and actionable tips for any emotion or wellbeing aspect curated from the best sources 



Wellness is an active process of becomng aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

For scientific, reliable & efficient personalised solutions for one's Wellbeing, an HOLISTIC Approach is essential as :

  • Wellness is an organised set of Activities to help Individuals make changes or maintain habits that help reduce their health Risks, reduce Medical Costs as well as enhance their capabilities.
  • Wellness is more than Diet, Weight & Exercises & must include the critical Emotional Parameters of our Daily Routine + current physical state + current emotional state.
  • Wellness to be effective has to be a continuous process which is possible only through quality guidance & personalised solutions.