WW4U - Benefits, Features & Fundamentals

www.wellnessway4u.com – A unique & simple Platform / Ecosystem to promote Individual empowerment, awareness & proactive approach for Healthy Lifestyle, Rejuvenation and Preventive Healthcare.

Rewards & Benefits -

To motivate you to acheive higher levels, your every input is eligible for Reward Point Computation. Check out at Rewards Computation , My Rewards Chart - The ONLY Wellness Site which Rewards its Users in their pursuit of consciously building a healthy Lifestyle ……… LIFE KO DE NAYA ANDAAZ.

Online Consultation Forum ..... Seek Advice, guidance & coaching from your Advisers / Personal Coach 24x7 to be healthier, happier & energetic.

Simple win-win initiative for ALL :

  1. For Users ....... The MORE Patterns updated of One's various routines / situations, the better & wider patterns in your Life Patterns (Digital Wellness Diary (DPWD) to work one’s way to being more Productive, Healthier, Happier & Energetic. It helps to -
    • Reduce non critical Healthcare Costs with Personalised Healthcare & Wellbeing Solutions.
    • Provide Metrics system to know the efficacy & success of the objectives & Goals of your Wellness Programs, Therapies, Coaching, Counselling etc. over the duration of the program - at the beginining, midway (multiple number of times) & end of the same.
    • Connect the dots of your Physical & Emotional Health - A Self Appraisal, Self Awareness & Self Motivation Tool to help reduce One's Health Risks & enhance capabilities.
    • Manage your physical, emotional & productive issues better.
    • Excel yourself to face Life's Challenges with confident Responses instead of Reactions.
    • Manage expectations, your situations, emotions & relationships better as the tool enables you to track your mental & emotional reaction to events, conditions & circumstances. It is One's reactions that determines one's emotions - Think RIGHT, Feel Right, Do Right are the keys to Happiness.
    • Help manage better/ possibly reverse many common conditions like stress headaches, fatigue, back pain, high stress, anger, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc - with real time data & 360 degree view on one's Lifestyle & current health signs for regular review & consultation mechanism by their Health / Wellness Practitioner.
    • Carve out your ME-Time - My Activity - Have your OWN Planner based on your routine to work out what a

      ctivities you can better manage or eliminate to reconnect with friends, family & your creative pursuits

      in your current circumstances.
    • EAT Healthy to stay FIT - Track your Food Habits -My Food .

  2. For Wellness Products & Services Provider ....... An excellent Channel for quality conscious & customer centric Wellness Product Manufacturers /Service Providers (such as Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements, Sports & Fitness Equipments etc ) as well as Powerful medium for Marketing Promotion, Branding, POS.
  3. For Practitioners ..... Due to above benefits to Individuals, ww4u ecosystem provides
    • An Complementary support system / tool for Wellness Advisers - Practitioner / Coach / Alternative Healing & Rejuvenation systems etc for regular review & consultation mechanism through ONLINE Consultation Forum.
    • Realtime Data on One's Lifestyle & current health signs -to know the efficacy & success of the objectives & Goals of Consults Wellness Programs, Therapies, Coaching, Counselling etc. over the duration of the program - at the beginining, midway (multiple number of times) & end of the same.
    • Enables Practitioners to provide personalized consultation to each of his/her Consults through a system of person specific Online questions, related Replies from Consults & Reports generated thereon.
    • Makes Consultation available ANYTIME & independent of both Location & Timing thereby a great facility both for Consults & Practitioner.
    • Possibly an opportunity to be on Advisory Panel of Wellness Products Manufacturers.
Salient features of WW4U Process : It is -
  • Simple & Private - LISTENING to body's cries / warnings + Speaking to yourself about your own Lifestyle, Just 10 minutes daily ( My Situation Today ). It helps to Know & understand your own startpoint, tracking, adherence & motivation related to your Lifestyle & Wellness Programs. KNOW more on Methodology & What's SPECIAL .
  • Powerful - valuable insights specially on Emotions to help you design personalised therapy Programs as well as for ONLINE consultations with your Wellness Advisors / Coaches / Counsellors at Online Consultation Forum from One’s Advisory Panel for continous review.
  • Useful - Self Appraisal, Self Awareness & Self Motivational tool to help you enjoy living rather than rushing through life - Quality over Quantity .....everything from food, activity, work to parenting.
  • Versatile - To provide systems, tools, products & services to support your efforts toward your Wellbeing.
  • Rewarding - REWARDS (For Individual Consistency) to celebrate YOUR SUCCESS, in nurturing positive lifestyle changes.

Basic Fundamentals :

For scientific, reliable & efficient personalised solutions for one's Wellbeing, an HOLISTIC Approach is essential as :

  • Wellness is an organised set of Activities to help Individuals make changes or maintain habits that help reduce their health Risks, reduce Medical Costs as well as enhance their capabilities.
  • Wellness is more than Diet, Weight & Exercises & must include the critical Emotional Parameters of our Daily Routine + current physical state + current emotional state.
  • Wellness to be effective has to be a continuous process which is possible only through quality guidance & personalised solutions.

Research :