My Stress Tracker

Today Stress has become an inevitable part of one's life. Depending on our responses, Stress can have positive impact (Eustress) and negative impact (Distress) on our Lives.

Eustress is driven by positive outlook that energises us to make changes having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, resilience, performance, mood, emotional well-being and makes us capable of overcoming obstacles and sickness.

Distress is the negative kind of stress that most people associate with feeling "stressed out". It tends to cause people to feel overwhelmed, anxious, experience physical and psychological symptoms like headaches, tension, insomnia, inattentiveness or irritability.

For healthy, happy living, the Simple Mantra-Solution is to turn Stress to Eustress in your Life with change of outlook and attitude.

HOW? What are they ???

THREE simple Steps - Just Few minutes, few QUICK Selection from preloaded appropriate Data dropdowns

STEP 1 : REDUCE Stress related to Work, Situations, Relationship and harness your inner strengths.

Here, Understand your Issues better with your view of Why, Ifs, Buts (possible factors), to think of best way possible of handling it.

STEP 2 : REDUCE avoidable Stress related to Time management - Make Time for RELAXATION, Exercise, enough Sleep by Organising your activities better.

Better manage your TIME and organise your Activities HERE, to have your ME-Time for family, friends, hobbies and things you are most passionate about.

STEP 3 : Any Time - Experience HAPPINESS in small feel good moments.

HERE, share your happiness moments. Enhance it with small doables to express your gratitude.

Get a 360 deg overview of your issues from your every input in the above Steps @ My Life Patterns . ANALYSE these Patterns for various combinations such as your issues, criteria and Period ( Days /Months /Years) to enable you / your coach to manage expectations, your emotions, stress, anger, relationships and productivity factors better.

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