My Anger & Relationship Tracker

Today ANGER has become an inevitable part of one's life due to the fast moving lifestyle, higher expectations, wider relationship issues, misuse/overuse of technology.

Research overwhelmingly indicates that feeling low level Anger increases optimism, creativity, effective performance, more successful negotiations, in life or on the job. In fact, supressing anger can actually hurt you.

For good interpersonal relations, healthy and happy living, the Simple Mantra-Solution is to CONTROL Anger before it controls YOU. Balance your Anger in simple steps.

HOW? What are they ???

START with Any Step - Just Few minutes, few QUICK Selection from appropriate Data dropdowns

STEP 1 : EXPLORE yourself the Source of Anger and How it builtup.

HERE Understand Issues that made/make you Angry with your view of Why, Ifs, Buts (possible factors). View possible ways/steps of controlling it.

STEP 2 : REMOVE your pent-up Frustrations - List it. Keep Journaling.

HERE, EXPRESS What frustrates you and when. THINK possible ways to reduce frustrations and anxiety issues.

STEP 3 : SEE Life beyond Anger, Frustration events - Experience HAPPINESS in small feel good moments.

HERE, Recap your happiness moments. Enhance it with small doables to express your gratitude.

STEP 4 : AVOID Time related avoidable Anxiety, Anger and Frustrations - Organise your Daily Activities better.

HERE, Better manage your TIME and Activities, to have your ME-Time for family, friends, hobbies and things you are most passionate about.

Get a 360 deg overview of your issues from your every input in the above Steps @ My Life Patterns . ANALYSE these Patterns for various combinations such as your issues, criteria and Period ( Days /Months /Years) to enable you / your coach to manage expectations, your emotions, stress, anger, relationships and productivity factors better.

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